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CMD makes customer focus its core principle.

Constant care for production is CMD’s goal, and all departments strive to do so. CMD’s customers are as valuable as our staff, and together we are all dedicated to their total satisfaction


The proper storage of raw material, suitable coding to ensure mold identification, warehouse management using highly automated systems, combined with the retention and motivation of all highly skilled operating personnel are the basis of Proper quality management of production. This element also enables CMD to guarantee and meet the Client's needs of particular urgency.


CMD's products are managed with written procedures that enable their traceability at all stages of the production chain up to delivery to the Customer. In its laboratory, CMD conducts product testing before products are released to the market. In particular, products intended for use in severe conditions are subjected to cyclic durability tests using helium under pressure and temperature.


CMD is able to offer itself as a partner to the Client in choosing the most appropriate technical solutions for the use of its products. Because of its experience, it can support the Customer in installing gaskets in order to comply with the proper procedures to achieve the proper operation of its products.


CMD is available to assist the Customer in both "after-sales" and "on-site" operations, ensuring a quick and effective response to operation-related problems.


CMD has a significant amount of molds covering a wide range of production from an inner diameter of 6 mm to an outer diameter of 3000 mm. In case of product requests for requirements and uses. particulars of the Client, CMD is available to provide consultation at the design stage.


CMD is ISO 9001:2008 certified. The gaskets produced by CMD, which are intended to meet the requirements imposed by International Standards relating to environmental emissions, are certified by International Accredited Bodies. To ensure quality and safety, CMD has a testing laboratory where all products are tested.


ensuring environmental compliance

CMD pays very high attention to environmental issues, and even as a first step, choosing a high-purity raw material is a guarantee of the highest possible environmental friendliness.

This results in products that are free of harmful elements that would require special precautions in the case of both handling and disposal, and better performance at the end user that translates into lower consumption and emissions of air pollutants.

Upon request, CMD provides data sheets for the elements in its products.



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