CMD spirometallic gaskets are the ideal product to ensure perfect sealing on flanges where compression and consequent elasticity performance must be considered in the perfect coupling of the flanges.

At the request of customers, spirometallics are made using a wide variety of materials, including steels such as 304, 316L, Hastelloy, Monel, Incoloy, SuperDuplex, to mention a few, and also in combination with other materials such as PTFE in addition to graphite.

For their production, CMD makes use of the most modern machinery, specially designed and built on the basis of long experience in the field, which while dosing, winding and compressing the components of the finished product, also performs constant winding tension control as well as dimensional control. In CMD, special equipment for the production of spirometallics allows the production of seals ranging from a minimum of 15 millimeters to a maximum of 4000 and can be without rings or with only an inner or outer ring or with both rings. The finished seals are finally subjected to a unit manual inspection that verifies conformity to the drawing.



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